I currently reside in Chico, CA with my loving wife Tracy Ann, our new born son, Logan Ross and Tracy’s cat creatively named “Kitty.”

This last 6 years has been fun and fascinating as I plunged into the world of philanthropy. Starting from the ground up, I have been helping many Northern California Nonprofits LearningisHIP.org Arc of Butte County and NVCF.org ARC of Butte County Leapingstone.org and many more orgs are slated for my development assistance in Sonoma County in 2010.

What do I do?  I am a self-proclaimed Digital Resource Specialist; i.e., I develop everything from websites, to designing advertising materials, funding research, grant writing, but above all,  I train nonprofits to trumpet their mission.  That is often the primary focus of those I help.

I have developed a scale of website assessment and evaluation matrix that indicates engage-ability for a nonprofit and while most people well tell you that your website sucks, I will tell you “Why” it sucks and HOW to fix it.  I am opposed to developers that charge outrageous prices and eventually deliver a stale product.   Instead I believe that installing a Content Management System and teaching members of the organization how to exploit their digital resources as a 24-7-365 store front is a better solution.  That means I develop your website to the extent that you develop it everyday and that the performance of the site is tracked in tangible, quantitative terms.  Most developers have little understanding of the marketing needs of a website and I specialize in nonprofit web development above and beyond the typical needs of most business.

Although serving as a freelance consultant has been challenging at times, it has never ceased to be an incredible learning experience; I am in love with philanthropic work and hopefully that translates to successful service provision to those constituencies touched by my assistance.

My professional ambitions to serve other orgs in the non-profit sector has led me to deliver a training program for the North Valley Community Foundation’s Leadership Institute.   There, I train Executive Directors, staff and volunteers about the power of  Web 2.0 technologies for use in charity services. Titled:   Bringing IT all together; Internet Technologies for Nonprofits.  Its time to update this class and I am thinking of starting a regular Blog Party gathering.  Stay tuned for that and other events in 2010.

Stay tuned for more blogs regarding Web 2.0 technology training and solutions!


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