Looking For a Blogging Butler?

9 03 2010


I can’t count the times that Exec Directors, CEOs and PR personell come to me and ask me to be their Blogging Butler

It’s like asking me to attend a party for you, dress impeccably and say all of the right things to the people that matter, serving them delectable morsels of your sugary wisdom, and then, do it over and over again, making sure not say the wrong thing, but being extra careful to come up with on-topic conversational fodder about your business or cause… I’m so sorry, but, I can’t do that for you.  I can’t be a surrogate blogger for your org because it’s unethical and potentially problematic for both of us.

I will help you set the scene at your website to entertain your Social Media guests, I will even tell you how to get the word out about your message (party), dress for the event and invite all of the right people;  however, I will not attend in your stead.  You need to start your Social Media Marketing Campaign, but not through a surrogate.  Whether you are fund raising for a non-profit cause or developing a small business… I WILL NOT be YOU for YOU

If you are not prepared to spend just an hour a week writing in your “digital diary,” what sort of commitment can you expect me to make on your behalf?!?!  I can teach you how to overcome your time management issues, but, the BEST representative of your business endeavor–your story– is YOU.

Dig deep my friendlies… Tell the truth… Exalt passionately about your cause… and then, realize that surrogate Social Media content is not really social at all; it’s a phantom of your true digital identity ~ a ghost of the substance that made your business resonate with you constituency, your clientele.  Although I am flattered that you would pay me for writing such easy things, I am equally averse to being your Blogging Butler!




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