Is WordPress “Too Complicated?”

8 10 2009


I am writing this post because I attended a Social Networking seminar and the speaker claimed WordPress was “too complicated…”!  Its been sticking in my craw ever since as I deliver WP as a Content Mgmt System to my nonprofit clients as my preferred solution for most.

I agree that WP is sophisticated, but too complicated?  C’mon!  My opinion matters little, so I am going to pose the question to the blogosphere:  IS WordPress too complicated?  If so, WHY!?!?  If not, tell me that too!  Please don’t get distracted by version releases because I believe WP is getting better all of the time.  And you will be preaching to the choir if you take the stance that WP is getting more sophisticated and/or complex because thats what I love about it.  But complicated?  Compare the lay person’s user experience to Drupal or Joomla and I think WP stacks up nicely.  Tell me what you think, please!




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