The Icky Wiki; A Moment of Reflection on the Use of Jargon and Parlance

17 06 2008

Wiki = Glossary.

Blog = (The contraction of) Web + Log

RSS = Really Simple Syndication (some of you might disagree but hey I am being concise here)

Governmental institutions love Acronyms like the Alphabet Agencies set up by FDR under the New Deal

The disciplines of science, from Anthropology to Zoology developed their own taxonomies to better clarify and classify what the heck they are talking about to one another.

So is it at all surprising that here is another domain, the Internet, that involves more new words? Moreover, is it surprising that those inside the technology realm tend to use these new jargon terms to sound smart and exclude others outside our lil-iverse?

My point is we should try to use jargon appropriately and inclusively. For those of us hoping everyone gets across the bridge (over the Gap of Understanding) we are compelled to make it easy for everyone. So I am gonna “borrow” someone’s Internet Wiki and post it here…  The Winner is Wikipedia and the entry “Web 2.0”

Any offerings are warmly invited.




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