Much Ado About Nothing; Obama Tells It Like It Is

16 04 2008

I want to remain politically neutral at this blog site; this is mainly a professional resource for public consumption and I am not supporting any candidate publicly at this time…

So this whole big “controversy” about Obabma’s “elitist” comments has all of the marks of a true red herring!  Aren’t we all a little bitter right now?  Isn’t freedom of discourse one of the things that makes our country great?

Only weeks ago the Mass Media was accused of letting Barack Obama off easy; now they have turned like a rabid pit bull on the mildest of cynical comments.   My what a turnabout!  I don’t get it.

Here is my CyberSoapbox call to action:  let’s rocket past silly town and start focusing on really important stuff like instituting a humanitarian foreign policy, sound environmental and energy policy and waking-up from the American nightmare that is our current mortgage and credit crunch!

Once we have our house in order, I invite us all back to silly town for an extended stay if we wish.




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