“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh REACH OUT!” Blogroll Builds Audience

8 04 2008

The next thing we should do is create a “Blogroll.” A Blogroll is a list of links to blogs that one finds relevant. You will likely matriculate a long list links to other blogs as time goes on; however, for the purpose of demonstration, I will try to add as many as I can ASAP. Many blog platforms have a “Blogroll” list button or category built-in.  In this latest version of WordPress it is under the heading “Links”

Most importantly, a Blogroll is a source of added value because it builds audience and links to other blogs relevant (or akin) to yours.

Let’s make a list of such relevant links to blogs that will echo our purpose and hopefully drive traffic to us. While we are there (at a relevant blog site), let’s leave a comment about something we find interesting and consider it for a future post of our own. If we do find topics out there in our line of interest, be sure to reference the original author’s work–plagiarism rules apply!

Below is a list of local, North State orgs (in blue) that I have connection to, or interest in. The sad truth is only TWO of them have a blog set up (except LearningisHIP.org which I personally help set up & the NVCF blog which got me in to this mess in the first place). So I will post this here for now and the next time we meet, hopefully I will have a handy set of links in my Blogroll for you to reference, research and reply to if you are so inclined.

Bidwell Junior High Foundation

Stonewall Alliance

Work Training Center

Red Cross

Child Abuse Prevention Council

California Vocations, Inc

Blue Room Theater

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Habitat for Humanity


United Way

Enloe Foundation


Computers for Classrooms

Community Collaborative for Youth

Boys & Girls Club

ARC Butte County

1078 Gallery

Bridging the Gap


Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence

Youth for Change

Colusa Regional Medical Center

Torres Shelter

Innovative Preschool

Boy Scouts

Wings of Eagles

Valley Oak Children’s Services

Club Stairways

Zen Compassionate Care

Butte County Library Literacy Services

Handi Riders

Caring Choices

Parent Education Network

Blue Oak Charter School

Skyway House


Ron’s Food Bank

Butte Humane Society

Just One Person

Jesus Center

North Valley Community Foundation

Back later with more posts, until then be well!




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