“What is your web site worth? Opportunities for Organizations that use blogging to trumpet their mission, service and success.”

20 03 2008

Welcome back! Somethings I have done since last post:

1) Wrote an “About” page

2) Uploaded an Avatar or Pic of me… (I admit it looks a lil creepy! Probably change it later!)

3) Did some research on Google’s nonprofit programs and applications. That will be my next post: “Blogging Tools for Social Entrepreneurs; Technologies that Make the Most of Your Time and Your Dime.” I can’t wait to show you all what cool stuff is out there!

Today’s topic: What is your website worth?

The answer is nebulous at best; with only the shrewdest of accountants, developers and marketing experts having a vague understanding of a web site’s monetary value.

One way to determine your site’s worth would be to look at comparable sites and evaluate what they are sold for.

But that wouldn’t help us in the nonprofit world.

Another way to evaluate web site worth would be to add total expenses for the site’s development: dollars paid to developers, time spent in developing the site, domain registration, advertising expenses, etc.

But that would only consider expenditures. What about site visitors? What are they worth? How does your website serve to inform and instruct your site viewer-ship? Doesn’t that have an added value, not only to your site, but to the viewers themselves?

YOU BET! And the only way to understand what content your viewers value is to measure their performance.

In today’s blog I am going to give you small taste of analyzing your site’s worth. For me it starts with analytics data. Because everyone uses different hosting packages with different options for viewing data, I am going to direct you to Google Analytics’ Video Tour. Click here to watch the Video Tour

Google Analytics Video Tour

So that was a very concise video, chock full of great tools for analysis. Even if you are already savvy about web site metrics, you will probably benefit from installing Google Analytics’ API because it comes with the extra goodies that most analytics have yet to deploy.

My favorite is the geographical “heat” map that shows where people are coming from. With absolutely no international marketing effort, one web site I helped set up was found in remote places like Jakarta, Singapore, Eastern Europe and range of other places. The world really is getting smaller and Google Analytics proves that the sun shall never set on your outreach opportunities!

So for a blogging site like mine, WordPress also provides some metric data… Here’s a screen shot of this blog’s performance since St. Patrick’s Day (this blog’s birthday):WordPress Analytics

We can get into more details later, but the important thing is NOW you have some concrete examples of how to measure your site’s worth. Knowing this will help you expand your reach, trumpet your mission, service and success in new and creative ways.

What’s better? FREE + Time spent = Improved Performance!

Looking forward to sharing more about this topic later. Next post is all about tech tools: “Blogging Tools for Social Entrepreneurs; Technologies to Optimize Your Time & Dime” And YES, it will include a video on how to RSS.

Be well!




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21 03 2008
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