The “How To” Blog Guide for the NVCF Council

17 03 2008
As promised, here is my “How To” blog on blogging. For starters let’s recap some important points from the NVCF keynote speech on 3/12/2008:

  1. Blogging is free and easy; it is an excellent way to inform the masses about “what you do” as well as ARCHIVE information to retrieve later
  2. Blog is just an new word for journalism; think of yourself as a TV/News reporter for your organization with some cool, new resources to help “trumpet your mission, service and success.”
  3. You are going to be able to spread your message to, and far beyond, your immediate geographic area, and at the same time, learn from others who may reside on the other side of the world! Why re-invent the wheel? Blogging can help your org maintain a cutting edge web presence that affords you efficient implementation of your message, improved service delivery and online fund-raising ability (product distribution) all-in-one!

To do these things I recommend signing up for a free Blog at any number of sites. For this demo I have chosen WordPress; because it is a very well developed blogging platform. Plus, WordPress includes a spam blocker and other maintenance tools that are really helpful. So let’s get started. I promise to make these “How to” blogs digestible, bite-size morsels, ok?

STEP 1: Sign Up for a free blog. This can be a site of your choice hosted at WordPress or (other free blogs like Blogger), have your staff web developer create a sub-domain on your site that allows you to use your blog as hosted at your org’s server.

STEP 2: Set up a protocol for the oversight of blog entries. Although the service of blogging is “free” in direct cost, time spent filtering non-mission content from spammers and the like will require regular blog “housekeeping.” Delegate this role to reliable staff member(s) that can integrate your regular informational copy (print media, audio files and video files) along with your presence in other traditional outreach efforts. Much like secretaries used to manage phones in the past, a regular staff member should have the ability to maintain all of the communication vehicles within a carefully planned framework (blog protocol).

Step 3 Deliver FRESH messages often. The great thing about ‘blogging’ is there is always room to share your message. Do it with pictures, audio content from radio interviews and video of your fund raising events. Fresh content is a way to maintain viewer interest and thereby drive participation outcomes beyond your wildest imagination.

Step 4 POST a link to your blog wherever you can! Links from other websites outside your immediate site, improve the monetary value of your site. Don’t miss out on opportunities to improve your site value.


Mr. William Flavel at Everybodsagenius‘ blog had this list to offer regarding being a “good” blogger.  Enjoy and learn from his fundamental approach to accelaerate your blog learning curve!

In the NEXT INSTALLMENT: “What is your web site worth? Opportunities for Organizations that use blogging to trumpet their mission, service and success.”




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